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CHANGES IN NEST. - “Lebria Store” is now available at Interdimensional Chat 6s Plus. - You can buy Update Packages with Lebrium Points and Lapis at the store. HMS Dragon Nest Medallion. Frogbrella Hat Can be claimed from Fishing Hat Box Return to Farm Festival is a permanent content. Missions and Titles. Missions from Manticore, ArchBishop, Daidalos Nest have been added to [AchievementL – Nest]. [2] Changes/Additions 2-1. Lebria Store Revamp ※ Character’s Name’s tutorial and specialization quests have been revamped. ※ Press the shortcut key "U" and click "Remote Quest" tab at the top of the quest window. Crystal Points Store The Crystal Point Store is located on the East part of Saint Haven, beside the Trading House and the Storage dude, Interact with her, and you will find a quest, accept that, read the details and you can earn 100 Crystal Points right off the bat. excluding the 4man nest of Rune Dragon Nest. Dragon Jades are important factors of adding strength to your gear, in order to get dragon jades, you must first purchase them at the Nest point store using your Nest points, or purchase the items using gold on the Trading House. Upon clearing a District 2 nest, you will obtain a sample from each area. Collect all 4 and deliver them to Future Chat 3S. As you can see from KR August patch notes, credits to divinitor blog, some of it is in the game already, some doesn't.

2019-04-02 · Patch 95.19.KR features the World Remaster, more Labyrinth nests, Lebria Store revamp, Goddess Accessories, changes to the Alpaca Quest, Bulletin Board System, Goblynn’s Fav Box, class balancing, and more. The original patch notes for EYEDENTITY can be found here. 7. Informazioni dei premi Nest rimossi 8. Opzioni per cambiare l'aspetto delle classi spinoff 9. Lv 95 Tiered Equipment Aggiunto tier 3 per l'equip. leggendario 10. Item Enhancement 11. Lebria Store dove si può acquistare il set leggendario 12. Quest Legend aggiunte per la Hero's Remote Dungeon Exploration 13. Altro [3] Balance. Tanto. 2018-05-17 · Bunch of changes from May update 1 Reduced price of Adventure key in points store 300 to 50 2 Daily Quest stage points changed to Lebrium Points [ Compensation: so about lebrium points. such a pain in the ass type of enhancing. but what is the best farming method for lebrium points? I get about 400-500 LPs every day idk if thats an average amount a day. max lab I can do atm is at 15th floor, takes me like 10 something minutes. is there another way besides daily dungeons, weekly missions, daily missions, board game and labs. what else can give me.

Level 95 crests come with a guaranteed 2nd stat, which either has a low roll or high roll. You'll want to max out on a high roll of either your main stat, CDMG, FD, or damage. Crests are also purchasable using Rune Dragon L wraths, if you have a way of obtaining those. Your purple crests are obtained from Rune Dragon Nest 8-player. 2019-04-02 · Patch 95.11.KR features Labyrinth, Garden of Time & Space Revamp, Rebellion Plate Quest, Sniper changes, Rebellion Enhancing Stones, FD linearization, PVP changes, and more. The original patch notes from EYEDENTITY can be found here. For context, Dev K made a few blog posts leading up to this patch: Part 1 Labyrinth.

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